Ultra Fast Keto Boost Recommended Amount and Contraindications the recommended amount of ginger is to g per day for its benefits, which are greater when ginger is used in fresh form instead of powder. Ginger is contraindicated for people who take high blood pressure and blood-thinning medications such as Aspirin, and should only be used in cases of gallstones as directed by your doctor. In addition, during pregnancy should not consume more than g of ginger a day. Watermelon can contribute a lot to the weight loss process. But nutritionist Raquel Pimentel points out for any food to have a functional effect, we need to consume it regularly. Check out the properties of the fruit - You have very few calories each g of watermelon contains about calories. In addition, its sweet taste can reduce the desire to consume sweets, says nutritionist Vanderlin Marcher. - It is diuretic Being rich in potassium, watermelon has a diuretic effect, i.e. stimulates the production of urine. According to nutritionist Raquel Pimentel, This prevents kidney stones, helps to detoxify and is good for combating overeating because toxins are eliminated in the urine. - It is antioxidant the fruit is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant substance that reduces high blood pressure and prevents cardiovascular disease. Recent studies understand obesity as an inflammatory disease. In this case, watermelon is perfect to fight overweight, because lycopene, besides antioxidant, prevents inflammation, says Raquel Pimentel. - It gives satiety the large amount of watermelon liquid dilutes the gastric juice, slowing down digestion, says Raquel Pimentel. Because of this, fruit can be indigestible if eaten during meals, as Marcella did. If so, give preference to ingesting the juice before or between meals. Drinking watermelon juice just before lunch will curb your appetite, Pimentel recommends. - It is moisturizing the fruit pulp contains between two of water.

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