Zerknijcie na moją pierwszą grę na androida, będę wdzięczny za wsparcie. ;)

W grze wcielamy się w młodego króla, który pochodzi z rodziny pełnej szaleńców. Wszystko co trzeba robić to... rządzić. I spróbować pozostać przy zdrowych zmysłach.


"You sit on a throne as a new king. Can you handle ruling a kingdom? Start your reigns and try to survive in this game of thrones. There is only one problem… you are completely mad.

Mad or reasonable? This question was asked by everyone in the kingdom when a new ruler of the land was born and now he sits on the throne. For some reason half of your dynasty is full of mad kings and queens. And everybody knows that mad king is a bad king.

You start your reigns as a 20 years old king which looks quite reasonable. Making decisions about things that are going on in the kingdom is your only chore. Some of your decisions will have immediate consequences, and others will affect the kingdom after years. Remember that kingdom without money is not able to function well! The same applies to the support of the people. But the most important one is to watch out on your mental health! The higher the rate of madness is, the more weird and crazy decisions you can make (part of “mad” decisions are historical facts, we really had a few completely crazy rulers famous for the strange orders and cruel reigns).

Beware your decisions! Sometimes they are completely meaningless, but sometimes they can lead to immediate death (seriously, I should call this game a million ways to die as a king). Try to stay on throne as long as possible, and maybe you will be the one who will solve the puzzle that is behind your family's madness!

And remember. Human life is limited, so you can't do everything... Or maybe there is a way to become immortal? Or to find out a source of your ancestors madness? You must solve this mystery by yourself.
Start your reigns as a new Mad King an survive in your own game of thrones."





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